For many women as they exist their years of early adulthood, that once-surging libidio has slowed down and even (in some cases) has stopped altogether. Especially if you are in a relationship and no longer have the desire to be intimate, that feeling can begin to take its toll on your partner. But one aspect you may not have considered is the role hormones in women play in your sex life.

What it does to your relationship?

Often times, sex is more than simply something you do for enjoyment. Instead, it allows you to be as physically and emotionally close to your partner as possible. If you begin to push away your partner because of a low libidio, you can invite stress into your relationship.

Your partner may begin to question if you are attracted to them, find them desirable, or – even worse – whether you are unfaithful. But in reality, your lack of libidio can easily be caused by fluctuations in your hormones. Because of its impact on a hormonal level, you may not at first understand why you aren’t in the mood frequently. But once you realize that this happens because of hormones, you can do something about it.

What can you do?

As a woman, especially if you are middle-aged, a low libidio isn’t something you have to live with. Taking the time to visit a hormone specialist, or even just taking an online questionnaire, allows you to get on the right path to finding a solution to your problem.

Because your lack of sex drive can be caused by an imbalance in your hormone levels, such as low estrogen, rebalancing these hormones enables you to restore your low libido back to normal. Take control of your love life, and inquire about your hormone levels today. Restore those, and you will restore your sex drive.