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How Does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Work?

After having your hormones tested to confirm that your symptoms are due to hormonal imbalances, most likely you will be prescribed bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Bioidentical hormones are extracted from plants and modified to be identical to human hormones. These natural compounds are prepared in pharmacies called compounding pharmacies. Compounding pharmacies prepare medicines that aren't synthesized

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3 Things to know about Hormone Replacement Therapy

With age come many benefits: respect, self-confidence, wisdom, etc. However, the older we get the harder it is to accept certain things that change in our bodies. Or sometimes, we accept what's going on with our body and attribute it to age. This last one doesn't have to be the case. Hormone Replacement Therapy is

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What you need to know regarding hormones

If you're looking at hormones, here's what you will need to know first. As we age, we want to feel robust, mentally sharp and healthy. So, it's no wonder so much attention is being placed on hormone replacement therapy. In the 1990's, more than 40% of women were taking some form of hormone therapy primarily

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3 Health Conditions That May Improve Because Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you take bioidentical hormones to manage your menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats, don’t be surprised if taking them helps improve symptoms of some of your other health conditions. Unlike synthetic hormones, bioidentical hormones are made from natural sources such as yams, and are almost identical to the hormones that your

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